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We strive to provide the best product for the customer's needs. Concrete can be installed in nearly any shape, design, pattern or texture.

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Driveways / Patios / Walkways: With concrete, we remove the existing paving, grade, install forms to proper thickness, install reinforcement, and pour with a high quality concrete mix. Expansion joints are installed in a grid formation. Stamp concrete, colored concrete, stone/flagstone, pavers, and gravels can also be used as finishes.

Textures and Colors: Concrete can be installed in almost any shape, design, or texture. Custom textures can be added to the surface of concrete in a process called stamp concrete. Coloring of concrete can be done in the form of color hardeners (surface application) or integral colors (mixed throughout concrete).

Aggregate Finishes: Bronze, Rainbow, Black Star, Limestone, and other types of gravels can be used as a gravel finish on concrete or loose on base material.

Stone/Flagstone: Stone and flagstone are used as surface finishes and are installed on a reinforced concrete base or gravel base.

Arbors: We build Western Cedar arbors for gardens and patios. Stain can be applied for added protection.

Fences: We install metal and wood fencing in modern or traditional designs.

Drainage Systems: We install 4" and 6" PVC drainage systems.

Native Landscapes: We can create a drought tolerant yard using grasses and stonework for minimal maintenance and watering. Included are the use of mulch, boulders, and gravels.

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